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Design Principles for Every Rental Property

When homeowners work with interior designers on their vision, everyone knows the guiding principles are mostly based on their likes and dislikes. Achieving this is easy because they will inform the designer what they prefer in their homes and it’s the designer’s job to really bring the vision to life.

However, the same isn’t always true for landlords. Landlords have it a little tough because they do not know the preferences of their potential tenants. They have to keep it neutral to attract as many tenants as possible, and well if they only design based on their own preferences, they could be limiting themselves on their investment. 

When it comes to rental properties the key is to really start with the end in mind. And if you want to attract many tenants,  the style of your property should be acceptable to everyone, while leaving room for some personal touches here and there.  Are you with me? 

This is way easier said than done. So here are some basic principles that will help you make your rental property stand out!

1. Go for Neutral Colors

As a landlord, you want your rental property to appeal to a wide range of potential renters. When this happens, the vacancy rate will be lower, and your rental income can be lucrative.

To meet this goal, I always recommend using neutral colors in rental properties. Not only will it make your property clean and appealing, but it’s also easy to dress up with subtle accents, such as a darker toned backsplash with neutral surroundings. 

Neutral colors can blend with all other colors. As a result, potential tenants can visualize themselves living in the property. Think about it this way, you want to give the tenant the opportunity to make the place feel like home with their own furniture, and accents right?  The neutral color designs on your property will accommodate them. Using neutral colors also allows your tenants the opportunity to customize the home according to their taste.

2. Create a Timeless Look

Let’s face it, new trends come and go every year which means new design trends emerge. If you make use of the trending design, your rental property is at risk for eventually becoming outdated. That will prompt you to upgrade the property, which means less money in your pocket. As a result, you may spend most of your rental income on upgrades, and the investment will not be what you’re looking for. 

That is why you should choose designs that stand the test of time. Go for classic materials, styles, and colors. We also recommend that you utilize traditional colors and also design each space according to the functions it provides.

3. Ensure Plenty of Light

Renters prefer homes that have an adequate supply of natural light, so it’s an absolute must for your rental property. When showing prospective tenants around the space, keep the blinds and curtains open to allow natural light.

Where the natural light in your rental property is not adequate, consider several other artificial lighting options. The lighting should be in three levels: ambient, task, and accent. You can make use of dangling lights, table lamps, and floor lights.

4. Keep Details Minimal


When designing a rental property, it is better to keep it simple and know when to stop. The design is for tenants, and the reality is, you don’t know their preferences, so less is always more.

For this reason, keep it simple, beautiful, and straightforward. If you include so many details, it will make it difficult for potential renters to personalize the space. As a result, the rental apartment will not feel like home, and they will look for another property where their belongings can blend in.

5. Maximize the storage space

One way you can attract potential tenants to your property is by having extra storage space. People looking to grow their families especially are looking for this feature!  Maximizing the storage space is cost-effective, and makes your home more functional. Tenants will be looking for ample storage spaces in the kitchen, closets, garage, and other hidden, yet practical places in the home. 

The bottom line

You can always design your rental property and make it attractive to numerous tenants, it just takes a little bit of time and planning. Remember, you can always seek the services of professionals who can help you to achieve this goal and get the most return on your investment!

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