Sherman Oaks: Earthy-Industrial Cali Ranch

Robin Zweig
Sherman Oaks, CA
This once gorgeous and charming ranch style home, nussled in the Sherman Oaks Hills, needed a major face lift to meet our clients’ needs and style. We took this outdated gem, and gave it the love it needed to feel fun and refreshed! Our client is a first-time homeowner and with such a special life milestone, it was important to her, and us, to have it reflect her personality and style. Now, from the moment you open the door, you are welcomed into an elevated, earthy-industrial sanctuary. To accomplish this look and feel, we brought in a mix of organic finishes, earth tones, and mixed metals; added in and designed custom built-ins to add more storage solutions; brought in a focal point to anchor the Great Room by adding in a sleek new fireplace built-in; took your less-than-average bedroom and turned it into a true work-from-home dream office that exudes both class and sophistication, complete with a beautiful iron door to open into the living room; and to top off the wow factors, we elevated a load bearing partition wall by adding an iron grid window into it, so now the spaces are truly defined, and in style. Plus, we fully furnished and styled all spaces. Throughout the home, the neutral palette, natural wood details, and metals, make the spaces feel balanced, while also giving a touch of edgy- glam. This house, is now a home that feels so cohesive and reflective of our client’s amazing style and personality.
The once outdated, awkward partition wall was a fun challenge for us. Since it was a load bearing wall, knocking it out wasn't an option, so we got creative and added a beautiful large iron grid window that is just as striking as it is sleek.
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